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Dec 07,  · VITA: Improve packaging, installation times. v PS3: We have posted a DEX version. We hope that separate community members can convert this to CEX and then offer it to us so we can host it. "track 02 title www.metbuat.ru3" mus_bunny "track 03 main www.metbuat.ru3" mus_victor "track 09 www.metbuat.ru3" Screens with instructions coming soon (guide a.

Dragonball Gt Episode 1 Deutsch

Sep 01,  · If your game uses files (tracks) per disk, you will have to mount the cue sheet to a virtual drive and re-burn the images onto a single track before conversion. For multi-disk PAL copy-protected games, change the sbi file syntax from [filename].sbi to [filename]_[disc_number].sbi.